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Welcome Timers!

Welcome to the section of the 
Commonwealth Swim Club website dedicated to the Timers - yeah!

The spreadsheet below has every swim team event for which we need volunteer timers.  The the opportunity now to pick your lanes and save your spot.  If you aren't sure if you kid will be swimming in the Saturday meets, go ahead and sign up for the Monday meets (everybody swims on Monday).  If you aren't sure if you can make it to the Monday meets in time (e.g., after work), go ahead and sign up as an alternate and we'll sub you in for someone when you get to the meet.  In short, if you want to help, we can find a way.  

Click on this link, http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0A44ACAD2FA57-commonwealth, to volunteer.  Sign up quickly, slots with or next to Frank are filling up fast!  Finally, thank you for volunteering! 

Sincerely, Chad Tompkins
Commonwealth Chief Timer

Helpful Information

  • Timing is fun.  As a timer, you are as close to the meet as you can get without putting on a Speedo!  Flip flops are encouraged as sometimes the swimmers splash you a little (a great relief on a hot day).  
  • What's a double, triple, or straight?  There are three timers per lane.  The official time is the median (middle) of the three times.  Timers try to get as close to each other as they can and are recognized (and sometimes rewarded) for getting doubles (two of the three timers have the same exact time), triples (all three have the same time, or a straight (the three times are each off by only 1 one hundredths of a second). 
  • Chief Timer Briefing Card (NVSL), Commonwealth Timers Brief
  • What to wear: Timers wear blue shorts and white shirts.  It gets hot and we are in the sun for a while we encourage you to wear a hat and sunscreen. If you get to a FAST meet a little late and don't have the right clothes, don't worry, we'll take you and appreciate your volunteering. 
  • How we act:  Timers are considered meet officials and should be impartial so we dont' wear swim team logos or cheer (too loudly).  If you want to step out for a heat to cheer when your kid is swimming, no problem, just let the chief timer know and he or she will sub in for you during that heat.  
  • We also encourage sportsmanship. We encourage the kids to stay in the water until ALL swimmers are finished and shake hands with the other swimmers.