Pool Operations

Pool Hours

Pool Rules

How old can my child be to be at the pool alone?  Do the guests who don't swim at my kid's birthday party have to pay the guest fee?  Is my 10 year old too old to use the baby pool?  These and the answer to many more of your questions can be found in the latest pool rules

Reciprocal Agreement

If Commonwealth Pool is closed unexpected (e.g., a little one has an accident in the pool), we have a reciprocal agreement with other pools in the area for your convenience.  Click here for the latest reciprocal agreement (usually available at the guard's desk). 

Swim Test

Your child's safety is paramount to us at Commonwealth Swim Club.  If you want your child to be able to swim here when you are not or to go off the diving board, your child needs to complete a swim test.  The test generally includes swimming the length of the pool without touching the bottom and treading water for one minute (subject to change according to best practices from life guards).  Click here for the latest swim test log to give your permission. 

Expense Reimbursement Form

If you have purchased something for the pool (with advance written authorization from the board), please use the expense reimbursement form to be reimbursed.