Swim Lessons

Join Commonwealth and learn to swim!

Commonwealth Swim Club and NVPools is proud to offer swim lessons to any of our members wishes to participate. Designed by National Level Swim Coaches this group swim lessons program will teach your child to feel comfortable in and around the water. All of our coordinators and instructors are trained by professionals before they are permitted to teach. Throughout the summer we offer eight day and four day swim sessions at seven different levels.

For more information please contact the life guard at the front desk. 


NVSwim Kids registration takes place by signing up at the guard desk prior to the start of each session. Make sure to get your student screened with the guard for the level of instruction that you are requesting. 

A minimum of four students must be registered in order for the class to be held. Semi private lessons may be offered if there are not enough students registered.



The NV Swim Kids program is designed to progressively move the student from basic comfort with water to the most advanced strokes at a pace to ensure you student is comfortable, has fun, and is challenged. 

Level 1

1. Water adaptation and fear reduction

2. Placing face in the water

3. Blowing bubbles

4. Rhythmic bobbing

Level 2

Supported front float

2. Unsupported front float

3. Front float and glide

4. Streamline with kick

Level 3

1. Supported back float

2. Streamline back float

3. Back float w / kick

4. Sculling

Level 4

Crawl stroke

3. Kicking on side

4. Rhythmic side kicking

5. Treading water

Level 5

1. Freestyle arms with breathing

2. High elbow and strong recovery

3. Backstroke with correct recovery and reach

5. Turning over from back position to front position

Level 6

1.  Inverted breaststroke kick.

2.  Elementary backstroke pull and kick.

3.  Sidestroke.

Level 7

1.  Breaststroke pull and kick

2.  Butterfly kick

5.  Butterfly arms

Level 8

1. Kneeling dive

2. Standing front dive

3. Freestyle flip turn

4. Backstroke flip turn


The NVSwim Kids program runs from Monday through Thursday, in the mornings prior to the pool opening. Fridays are utilized as make up days in the event of inclement weather during the week.

Sessions 1, 2, and 3 are two week sessions (8 half hour classes)

Session 4 is a one week session (4 half hour classes)

Session 1: Mon, June 26 - Thu, July 6
Session 2: Mon, July 10 - Thu, July 20
Session 3: Mon, July 24 - Thu, August 3
Session 4: Mon, August 7 - Thu, August 10*

* Session 4 will be a limited scope based on interest. 

Cuda Critters

The Commonwealth Swim Team is here to help your child learn to swim.  Cuda Critters starts in the shallow end (2 feet) helping your child learn to swim.  By the end of the season, hopefully, your child will be ready to participate in our lollipop meet where they can do things like swim across the deep end of the pool with scores of kids and parents cheering them on.  Contact our swim team representative for more information.